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“Wake Up Now Scam” -Honest Review-So you want to know the Truth..!

 So you looking For more Information about this company… right?

Well You are just one of the many people who are searching the internet for an honest review. I applaud you for being smart and researching about a company and just not following the crowd. 

review on wun

Let Me give you a high five..! (Virtually) :)

You probably was on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or a friend probably approach you about this opportunity..

How do I Know? Well, the same thing happen to me!

Since there was an abundance of hype and a rising search for more information about “WUN” as an young entrepreneur .

I Decided to take a Sneak Peek on the inside …

Ready to know the 100% Honest Truth …Right?

Kick off your shoes, grab a snack and let the truth be revealed.

Let’s Begin…!

Brief Overview 

Wake Up Now is a company that has been around for 4 years now…

The president of the company is Jason Elrod. Elrod and his team built the company to help people save, manage funds, and have financial freedom.

They gives discounts on just about anything you can think of…

Yes, I said anything..!!

WUN is a company that offers major discounts on Vacations, Groceries & Retail Stores. Discounts such as up to 20% off cell phone bill (Verizon, ATT, T-mobile) up to 80% off vacations, and discounts on items and groceries. You even save at your favorite stores such as Walmart, Bestbuy, Macy’s etc. The many discounts this company offers is beneficial to our everyday use.

Can You Really Earn An Income?

The compensation plan is one of the best I ever seen. The initial sign up fee is $99 dollars.  In terms of what the compensation plan consists of that’s pretty cheap.

Now its $99 bucks to sign up, but Once you get 3 people its FREE FOREVER!!

Now as far as making money with WUN its simple.

Get 12 members total and now you earning $600 residual every month.

Its 3 different ways to get 12 members. Either you can sign up 12 members, or you get 3 members and each person on your team get 3 members..isn’t that great..right? 

 That in terms make sure nobody is left behind and that everybody have success which is great for all.

Here is a chart below.

new comp plan

You can see by the compensation plan that its way easier than 99% of most internet marketing companies to earn big.

This in fact was the main reason I decided to join because I have never seen a compensation plan this great.

Wake up now proof

what is wun Debit Card Proof

wake up now proof 2

Real Proof Video

Are you a good fit for the company ?

 WUN is right for you if you are looking to save on many items and do a lot of shopping and earn passive income at a fast pace.

Now We only work with people who are serious about earning online and want to reach their goals.

So are you serious or a joke?

If you are serious and want to know how to market and the fundamentals of marketing so that you can have success now or in future programs

Scroll Below and Follow the steps..! 

Sign Up Right Now Below


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  1. Trisha Smith says

    So from what I’m ready u pay $99 every month till u get 12 members? ? Also what happens is someone cancels.? Id really like to know everything before I join! Thanks

  2. Jonny says

    I have been shopping around to see where I should unload my leads.. my already structured network in place. Obviously the dream team knows something about what they are doing, pretty decent traffic direction. I am looking to sign Aug 1. I need to know who is going to be able to adjust to the quick increase volume, bs walks I know. Email me at jonnyayngell.wakeup@gmail.com and let me know how you will be an asset, why give you what I already know how to do ; ) please anyone emailing me keep it serious. You will know within minutes I know what I am doing, I need to find the perfect fit. Can YOU sponsor ME? I will have a Facebook very shortly, everyone looking for help will get it if they have something to give. Thanks

  3. phat says

    I’m in need of money. I want to do thins because I don’t have much going for me in the future. I have been dreaming with my heads in the clouds but now this could be a real opportunity. I need lots of help finding people tho. Please help me…

  4. Murtuza Nullwala says

    need more info about wake up now, and most importantly i live in India, So is eligibility going to be an issue to join? and how would i get the 12 ppl to subscribe to wake up now. My email is max521976@gmail.com

  5. Caleb Lineberger says

    I am in Wakeup Now and would like some assistance with recruiting people. My phone number is 928-322-6716

  6. Ruben says

    Hey Marderius.. Im having a hard time getting sign ups.. Im already a member, can you help me to grow my business and teach me how is the correct way to promote it to get people to my wakeup business?

  7. says

    Hey i’m in the same boat as pretty much everyone in here, I read all the responses and really connected to them. If you could help direct me with a little guidence that would be awesome I really feel like I almost have a great grasp on becoming an IBO and how to do it. A little proof never hurts but I already pretty much know what I have to do I just need a little guidence. Please email me at craigwegener21@gmail.com thanks!

    #Motivation #Knowledge #Commitment #Success

  8. Preston Kyles says

    I have been doing research and I have gained some ground but I want to know more before I officially join. Can you email me more details on how you get in what do you do after you’re in and other things? I would need help getting people to believe me so I need proof myself. My email is preston.kyles@yahoo.com

  9. Quinton says

    I just signed up, and used you guys as the reference or whatever. I’d like to learn how to make the most of WUN and hopefully earn money from it.

  10. Haley says

    Hi, I’m super interested in what you are doing! I know BJ Dorsey! I went to school with him! I’m moving to savannah, ga in a month and I’d love to get started making money when I get down there!

  11. Akeem says

    Hey I want more information on Wake Up Now. I would like to connect with you on this business opportunity. Please send me an email. Thanks in advance for your response. I am looking to find a good team for me.

    • Marderius says

      bad way to advertise… your sponsor should teach you..if you need help..ill gladly show you how to promote..

  12. Taylor says

    I don’t really understand this or how it works or what you have to do. If someone could send me an email about it that would be awesome. Thanks!

  13. Kristal says

    Hey I am a new member with WUN and I really like the way your website is set up. I want to create a website as well. If you could email me so that we can get in contact that would be great because I would love to speak to you personally and get my website set up.

  14. Randy Deseme says

    My name is randy deseme I’m seeking a new sponsor some one on the dream team located in kissimmee fl or orlando fl i meet him at a kangaroo gas station he is currently f4 africa decent long drags

  15. sylent says

    How woud i get down wit your team or start my own im interested get back asap trough email im tryna get this money

  16. holger farias says

    Ive been apart of wun for a while now and have started to build but im struggling now need some help is it possible to give me some pointers?

  17. Shalynn Ellison says

    Im interested. I plan to join tomorrow but only if you think i will honestly recruit 12 people. I will sign up tomorrow i just want to be able to make money. With a good working team

  18. Josh says

    I’m not interested in the initial sounds great smaller picture… My question is will Wake Up Now be around 10 years from now for me and my team to benefit from the bigger picture??

  19. John says

    Wow. This is very informative. I like how you actually explained the process instead of focusing more on getting somebody to join. I have been thinking on joining Wake up now and you have just helped me make my decision! Yes. Glad to say that im about to be apart of your team.

  20. says

    It is really a nice and useful piece of info. I am satisfied that you simply
    shared this helpful info with us. Please stay us informed like this.
    Thank you for sharing.

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